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Improper Story – Proper Question

Posted in health, joke, quotations, story by questionabletopic on Monday, June 23, 2008

The day’s lesson was on sex, etc., and the teacher mentioned how sperm is 80% sugar (or something like that) whereupon a girl asks out loud, “How come it tastes so salty then?” Then she comprehends how it sounded like, turns beet red and runs from the room.

An Internet version began to circulate in 1997 in which a smart ass professor answers the girl’s question with, “Because the tastebuds for sweetness are on the tip of the tongue, and not the back of the throat.”

In one variation the instructor mentions that the amount of an average human male ejaculation is only about a teaspoon. One female student perks up and inquires, “Why does it make such a big mess, then?”

Little Quizzies

Posted in joke, story, studies by questionabletopic on Saturday, May 17, 2008

Legend: Coed makes unintentionally risque remark about professor’s “little Quizzies.”

Example: [Bronner, 1990]
There’s also the tough prof who gives students painful quizzes, which he irritatingly calls his “little quizzies.” After the third or so ordeal with these “quizzies,” a coed tells her classmate, “If those are his quizzies, I’d hate to see his testes.”

Origins: references to the “little quizzies” tale date to 1962, but the tale itself has been around since the early 1950s. It continues to surface among college students to this day. Similar to a number of other college legends (salty), it swings on the notion of a hapless coed’s blurting out the wrong thing, unaware (at least for the moment) of how her comment will be taken.