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Cartoon rating guide for smart adults v2.0

Posted in amazing, culture, entertainment, films & animation, opinions by questionabletopic on Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Why watch cartoons if you’re an adult? Because cartoons have the best scores, most interesting plots and/or most humorous dialogue, and the best “cinematography” of any visual media. The best are stunning works of art and imagination.

This is a rating guide, not a review book — hit up Google & Wikipedia, then Amazon and IMDB forums for extended analysis. Its purpose is to quickly alert you to animation you may never have heard of. It is also skewed from the perspective of an adult animation fan — a lowly-rated show may be immensely enjoyable for small children and even competently-made, but was of little interest to me; a highly-rated show will be competently-made, and may or may not be enjoyable for or even marketed to small children. Lastly, if a show has English-language versions, those are the versions I have likely watched (and I appreciate good dubbing and loathe bad dubbing).

This list covers mainly animated television series, although many films are included. I have not seen every episode of some shows rated 7 and lower and many episodes of shows rated 5 or lower; indicated ratings may change if I see new episodes of better or worse quality than those previous, or if many better or worse episodes of other shows alter the landscape.


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