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There is someting in the air – prediction by Edgar J. Steele

Posted in conspiracy, event management, facts, opinions, politics, prominent persons by questionabletopic on Monday, May 5, 2008

The article was dated September, 28 2007.

There are ominous portents all over the landscape just now, indicating that
something big is in the offing:

1. The impending and unprecedented Air Force Stand-Down ordered for this Friday, together with numerous civil defense “drills” scheduled during the coming week throughout America, not to mention war drills scheduled throughout the world.

2. The canceled El Al (Israeli) flight schedule for Friday through Sunday (yes, the front end of the Jewish high, holy days, but that is not the point or the cause, rest assured).

3. The mysteriously meandering nuclear missiles that illegally flew cross-country suspended under wing on a bomber, not just as freight, which our government now claims was the result of an error (yeah, right, an error involving 5 nuclear missiles … or was that 6 and now one is missing, as some claim?).