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The Like Rankings

Posted in internet, technology by questionabletopic on Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Like Log Studies

The Rankings
New York Times is the leader of social engagement with 2.3M likes/month, 400 likes for a median story and 13 articles in top 40. Wall Street Journal story “Why Chinese Moms Are Superior” is the greatest hit with 340,000 likes.

The Numbers
There are around 10 likes per 1000 pageviews (across several websites with public PV numbers). Decay of engagement is extremely sharp, with less than 20% likes happening after the first 24 hours.

The Trends
Stories about Facebook, Apple, Verizon, Groupon, future and infographics are universally popular across technology blogs. Articles about Microsoft, Amazon, Samsung, cloud computing, TV and search see much less engagement.

1. Big effort for big stories
2. Improve promotion of your best content
3. Improve your median story
4. Invest in demand analytics
5. Invest in social media optimization

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