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There is someting in the air – prediction by Edgar J. Steele

Posted in conspiracy, event management, facts, opinions, politics, prominent persons by questionabletopic on Monday, May 5, 2008

The article was dated September, 28 2007.

There are ominous portents all over the landscape just now, indicating that
something big is in the offing:

1. The impending and unprecedented Air Force Stand-Down ordered for this Friday, together with numerous civil defense “drills” scheduled during the coming week throughout America, not to mention war drills scheduled throughout the world.

2. The canceled El Al (Israeli) flight schedule for Friday through Sunday (yes, the front end of the Jewish high, holy days, but that is not the point or the cause, rest assured).

3. The mysteriously meandering nuclear missiles that illegally flew cross-country suspended under wing on a bomber, not just as freight, which our government now claims was the result of an error (yeah, right, an error involving 5 nuclear missiles … or was that 6 and now one is missing, as some claim?).

4. The Fed meeting scheduled for next Tuesday where discount rate cuts almost inevitably will be announced (if not sooner because of the ever-expanding mushroom cloud rising up over the collapse of America’s housing and mortgage industries).

5. That just-released, already-proven-phony Bin Laden videotape (yes, Virginia, he died several years ago, just as then was reported upon extensively in the Arabic-language press but suppressed in the West, as so much is suppressed here).

6. That “accidental” emergency alert triggered in Illinois this morning.

7. Bush straining with everything he’s got to get the American public on board with his “kill Iranians for Israel” plans.

8. Israel claims, suddenly, to have discovered nuclear installations in Syria.

9. Oil is about to breach $80 per barrel.

10. Dick Cheney’s “gut feeling” that America’s next terrorist attack “will be nuclear.” So sure that all the freedom given up accounts for squat he’s predicting failure?

11. Michael Chertoff’s “gut feeling” that America “will soon be hit hard.”

And my own 12: Billions of dollars bet as seen on 911, huge masses of money counting on US stocks (SP 500) going down, fast. (And I suppose faster than the dollar)

Also interesting is that Heroes (Initially written as a nuke but changed at networks request), Jericho and 24 have all been Nuking US cities of late, is this precognition or conditioning?

911 happened just as similar large drops in the USD were predicted and fake terrorist attacks were seen as a likely way to stop it, 911 was predicted by a number of people.

Now it’s very true that these guys like creating fear, they feed off the power it gives them (not just psychologically but by people willing to hand over their rights and freedoms).

But it would be stupid to assume that another 911 type event (but possibly worse) might not occur.

So I guess the question naturally to a non US fan of US TV, what, are we going to have to watch UK TV now? (of course the British bombings were faked too based on explosive analysis of how steel bent the bomb had to be below the train and large bets have been placed on European markets also I believe)

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